Qualities You Have To Check When Looking For A Boutique Hotel

Boutique or luxury hotels have several advantages over their chain counterparts, which may be used by owners to achieve greater success. You’ll love the idea of independent boutique hotels or creative concept hotels at the boutique hotel sheung wan, because they give you top drive results. So, what are these independent hotel characteristics that provide different selling points over the variety of the chain or franchise hotel?

  1. THEY OFFER OUTSTANDING PERSONALIZED HOTEL SERVICE. Service quality is paramount to business success in any sector, but particularly for hotels – a continuous customer-facing industry. Boutique hotels can focus on providing an excellent, unforgettable service experience rather than offering structured services and procedures with rote protocols and rigid structures. Service that goes the extra mile is becoming increasingly rare, creating another chance for independents to stand out. In an independent or luxury hotel, it can be customized, personalized and easily modified.
  2. BOUTIQUE AND INDEPENDENT HOTELS ARE UNIQUE. You probably agree that if you visit a regional or international hotel chain, they tend to lack an absolute uniqueness found in independent hotels, right? Small, well-run hotels offer a unique guest experience. Maybe it’s their history — with some hotels decades or even centuries-old — or perhaps it’s the decor or the fact that its family-run — it can be some of a few points to help make the hotel stand out — a selling proposition that the hotel can use to promote itself with a specific heritage.
  3. THEY HAVE GREATER CREATIVE FREEDOM. There are, of course, chains and international franchises offering great hotels, but again they are standardized across the board, with little scope for innovation. Independent and boutique hotels have the potential to let their imaginations run wild with decor, furniture, food, activities and anything else-even in their advertising. This enables the independent hotel to reinforce its identity and reputation, offering the guest a particular, distinctive, memorable hotel experience. When travellers and visitors are searching for unique, distinctive experiences in today’s globalized world where high streets are almost similar, the independent hotelier may try to take advantage of their creative freedom.
  4. THEY ARE MUCH MORE AGILE THAN THEIR CHAIN COUNTERPARTS. The management of the hotel chain is typically structured in a hierarchy. In terms of scope, they are often global or intercontinental. It can take a long time to complete any process that includes proposals, decisions and execution. On the other hand, independent hotels are usually run by a small team at site. These hotels can make strategic and tactical decisions quickly and follow performance similarly. This is a massive advantage over franchise or chain competition from independent hotels.
  5. THEY CAN FOCUS ALL RESOURCES, ENERGY AND ATTENTION ON ONE HOTEL. As mentioned above, chains and franchise hotels are layered, often in a different city or country, with centralized control. Yes, each division has a general manager, but their independent hotel counterparts enjoy not having near remit over operational decisions. Chains may not be able to devote as much attention and resources as is often needed to individual hotels. Boutiques and independent hoteliers can spend all their time and money on investing in their hotel exclusively. Industry experience is more personal, as is a local market understanding. In contrast, independents tend to more readily handle low booking times without reaching the stress and deadlines typically associated with chain hotels.

This top 5 independent hotel characteristics found at sai ying pun hotel display some of the most impressive advantages they can enjoy over chains. This is, of course, if they are working well, if management proactively seeks to take advantage of this opportunity for innovative marketing ideas, and if they continue to invest time and resources towards an ongoing commitment to excellence.