Long stay in hotel industry

Hotel industry is one of the wide spread component of service industry. A hotel is place where you can stay when you are away from your local place for few days. There are different types of accommodations provided by the hotel, so you need to keep in mind what you are exactly looking for the stay. Along with long stay hotel room hk they also provide different accommodation in Hong Kong. Let me explain you in detail about the different accommodations.

Hotel: They are the most common type of accommodation where you can stay overnight and it is mainly used by the tourist.

Bed and breakfast: Compare to hotel these accommodations are smaller and basically the owner also stays in the same place. They provide you with breakfast and night stay.

Long Stay hotels: In Hong Kong long stay hotel you need to stay at least for 28 days. Compare to normal hotel room the price of the long stay hotel rooms are affordable. And they also provide amenities like room cleaning, free Wifi. You will also be providing with a kitchen where you can cook your favourite food and enjoy it.

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Resorts: These are the business places, which includes the hotel along with other activities like you can arrange you business meets here. You can spend your weekend with your family and friends. Resorts consist of playground, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor games, theatres, bakeries, shops etc. Resorts also provide honeymoon packages with photo shot options.

Serviced Apartments: These services are popular among the people who travel to different places due to business reasons. They provide many services like housekeeping, laundry etc. These rooms are bigger than the hotels.

Hostals: By reading it you thought it to be hotel right but it is not hostel. Hostals are majorly found in the Spanish speaking places. It is like rooms of one apartment is shared by many and sometime the guest also needs to share their bathrooms.

Hostels: It is form of accommodation where generally people pay for a bed instead of a private room. People have to sleep in a large place in their individual beds. They have to share the same kitchen and bathroom.

Holiday cottage: It is holiday home, where a complete house is taken for rent. These are taken for rent when a complete family is travelling for tourist purpose. They can use it as a normal house. This will provide you the complete family privacy where you can cook and stay the way you want.