How to Plan a Memorable Malaysian Vacation: The Prudent Traveller’s Checklist

With more than 25 million international travellers visiting the country each year, Malaysia has truly become one of the most desirable luxury vacation destinations in the entire world; however, for some reason, this incredible holiday site has yet to receive the media coverage that it so sorely deserves.

However, it’s worth noting that this apparent obscurity represents a huge boon for vacationing families in today’s day and age because it that means you’ll be able to avoid inordinate crowds, clustered transportation options, and mind-numbingly long lines, which are the hallmarks of today’s most popular tourism hubs such as Cancun, France, Italy, etc.

Instead, you’ll have a chance to engage in awe-inspiring sightseeing tours, extensive shopping excursions, and other holiday favourites without having to deal with any of the complications commonly associated with facilitating a contemporary holiday plan. But it’s important to stay on track and focused during the early stages of your planning process so feel free to use this brief article as your very own checklist to help streamline your research efforts.


How to Plan a Memorable Malaysian Vacation

Establish a Practical Itinerary

First things first; you’ll want to identify the biggest draws and most popular sites around Malaysia to help establish a viable, practical itinerary for your travel group. In this regard, take note of some of the can’t-miss attractions shown below:

The Golden Triangle: Securely nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you’ll find the world-renowned, expansive Golden Triangle, which is the nation’s foremost commercial, shopping, and entertainment hub.

Batu Caves: These historic limestone caves are home to some of the most significant Hindu temples and religious sites in the entire region, perfect for backpackers, adventurers, and nature lovers alike.

Petronas Towers: Inaugurated in 1996, these eye-popping towers were once the tallest buildings in the world (up until 2004) and they provide some of the most amazing panoramic views in the area; they are a must-see for any traveller.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park: From the ever-present free-roaming birds to the magnificent walk-in aviaries, this 21-acre public square caters to over 200,000 visitors each year and features upwards of 200 bird species, which is a huge draw for both tourists and locals.

How to Plan a Memorable Malaysian Vacation

Pick a Reputable Hotel Near All of the Action

After fashioning a sensible programme for your travel group, you’ll have to ascertain a cost-effective 5-star hotel resort for family in Malaysia, especially if you’d like to have access to world-class amenities without tearing a hole through your wallet along the way. In this regard, you’ll want to keep a keen eye on the following aspects and features during your research:

Central Location: If you’d like to be in the midst of all the excitement while maintaining a sense of independence and exclusivity, you’ll want to turn your attention to the Bandar Sunway area to find a great hotel. Ideally, your accommodation should be less than 35 minutes from the KL International Airport.

On-Site Activities: The most renowned hotels in the area tend to feature a wide assortment of in-house attractions, so be on the lookout for lodging options that can tout an onsite shopping mall, theme park, restaurant, bar, café, meeting rooms, and spa. Simply stated, it should all be within arm’s reach.

Lavish Rooms: The best-rated resorts around Bandar Sun way are able to put forth an impressive assortment of rooms, suites, and villas, all of which are furnished with king-size beds, Wi-Fi access, designer bath amenities, LCD TVs, writing desks, complimentary mini-bars, and bedside control panels. Additionally, you should also have access to 24-hour in-room dining, daily linen supplies, and on-demand customer service as well.

With this handy guide by your side, you’re more than prepared to create a dynamic Malaysian holiday plan!