5-day tour to Rome

5 days trip is enough to relish this city. To get a taste of Rome’s glamour and mystery five days is good time. Let’s understand how can one fit major attractions in just five days? For transport arrangements check here

5 Days in Rome: Day One

After arriving spend some time in getting ready. First visit Pantheon in Rome. This is the Roma building which is best preserved in the whole world. This is simply wonderful. This is one among very important monuments in Rome. For travel related queries check

Then head towards Piazza Navona. This is lined up with cafes, lavish fountains, shops, and Baroque places. The best part of Rome is it looks the same way as it was when it is built. This place is never changed from 17th century. This is one of the liveliest places.

5 Days in Rome: Day Two

Second day, start with Piazza Venezia. This is named as geographic heart of Rome City. It has some of the very important attractions. It is filled with fun restaurants, shopping streets. Palaces and even a hill.

5-day tour to Rome

Next through Roman Forum, start to explore Ancient Rome. When looking at these tourists feel that this city is drenched in history and carries bundle of stories. This was the best site in whole Europe earlier. Once upon a time Rome was dotted with stalls, shops, palaces, and temples.

Next attraction is Colosseum. This is considered as very important attraction in all Italy. This is the personification of grandiose, majesty and splendor of history. This monument is enormous.

Next stop is Palatine Hill. This is a majestic hill which towers Roman Forum. This was behind the inspiration for the word palace. Olive and pine trees frame this place.

5 Days in Rome: Day Three

The Galleria Borghese is one among the greatest museums in all of Italy. This has one of greatest private art collection in whole world. Next visit is Piazza di Spagna. In all Rome this is one of the renowned plazas.  Busting vibe, iconic steps, and fountains all together give a personality to this square.

5 Days in Rome: Day Four

Fourth day can be a life changing experience when a tourist visits Vatican City. This is the smallest country in the world and Holy See. This is considered to be spiritual discovery which is unparalleled. This is dotted with gardens, galleries, lavish churches, and holy buildings.

5 Days in Rome: Day Five

It is better to keep the fifth day to be flexible. Complete the main attractions of Rome in first four days. Keep some own choices to explore this day. One of the choices is day trip to Pompeii. Here one can explore volcanic crater, mountains, and Bay of Naples.